Collection: Bark Chocolate Collection

Chocolate barks that are as chunky as they are flavorful--which is very! We don't skimp on the chocolate, and you'll feel that with every bite. Made with vegan, organic, Costa Rican cacao, you'll get the full dark chocolate experience plus the high-quality ingredients we use in each flavor. Every flavor has been carefully sourced with ingredients that will only enhance the experience of our chocolate and not leave any bad aftertaste or contain harmful ingredients. Our chocolate deserves better and so do you. 

Chocolate barks come in four bold, rich flavors:

  • Caramel Cashew Bark
  • Chocolate Cherry Bark
  • Coconut Almond Bark
  • Orange Ginger Cranberry Bark

Ranging from nutty, tangy, and topical, we have a bark for you. Our latest chocolate bark, Orange Ginger Cranberry Bark, has been a huge success in terms of flavor combination and popularity. It has an amalgam of sensations that will keep you wanting more. Come see what makes Captain's Chocolates barks so desirable and we promise you'll be back for more.