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Vegan Chocolate Collection

Our vegan dark chocolate bars contain only four ingredients or less and are all dairy free. We believe chocolate should be as clean and organic as humanly achievable.

And when it comes to our chocolate barks we don't skimp. Every bite is as chunky as it is smooth and creamy. A feature that can only be achieved with high-quality, hand-processed organic cacao. The caramel cashew is a fan favorite with its perfect balance of nutty, salty, and sweetness!

Fun fact! The peppers in the organic perfectly pepper chocolate bar are sourced from our own family farm. It's important to us to maintain as much control and quality assurance of our chocolate as possible to provide you with the best vegan chocolate experience.

Want a Vegan Beverage Option? Try Organic Cacao Brew!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chocolate Vegan?

Yes, chocolate is naturally vegan. Our chocolate is processed from raw cacao and is dairy free and organic.

Many commercial chocolates are processed with milk fats and other additives that can negatively impact the flavor and quality of the cacao.

Is Your Chocolate Organic?

Yes, our chocolate and flavorings are all organically sourced. The process of how our Costa Rican partners harvest cacao utilizes generational techniques that do not require the use of pesticides or heavy machinery. We employ traditional farming methods that focus on soil health and sustainability.

Our flavorings are all organic and we are transparent about how to source them. Read more here: Natural Flavoring Statement

Is Chocolate Healthy?

Chocolate can be healthy in moderation. It's important to remember that every diet is different and not all chocolate products are the same. We offer chocolate bars with both sugar and reduced sugar for our sugar-avoidant customers. We like to say we provide a healthier alternative to commercial-grade chocolates.

However, pure cacao, the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate, is healthy and provides many nutritional benefits. We offer this product in the form of organic cacao brew and organic cacao nibs which you should definitely check out if you're trying to healthily add the benefits of cacao into your diet.

What is Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate is simply chocolate that should meet a certain cacao percentage. The term "dark chocolate" is not an FDA standard of identity so you need to be careful when purchasing products claiming to be dark.

The FDA does state that to be listed as dark chocolate the product cannot derive its chocolate flavor from anything but cacao beans.

But it's not that simple and you should carefully research your chocolate all the same. Dark chocolate is not always healthy, organic, or any property it claims to be without disclosing their ingredients and processing methods.

The rule-of-thumb is dark chocolate should at least be greater than 50% cacao.

The lowest cacao percent we provide is 60% for those with a sweet tooth and 75% cacao as our golden standard. We also offer our vegan chocolates in 90% cacao and some select varieties at 100%.

All of our chocolate is dark chocolate.

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